2012.12.09; Three Lizard Incidents (The Prayer of the Righteous is Powerful & Effective; James 5:16)

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2012.12.09: Three Lizard Incidents (The Prayer of the Righteous is Powerful & Effective; James 5:16)


First Lizard Episode, 2012.12.09

Date        :  December 9, 2012

Location :  Anna’s Resort Tunnuk, Chuuk, FSM

Witness  :  Achiw, Arno, Eric, Peter, Erwin, Erwin Junior, and Winfred

Narrator :   Etma



With some workers, I used to go to Anna’s Resort in Tunnuk to continue the development almost every day. Ever since we started the project, I used to associate and work with my employees and one day, on December 9, 2012 at lunch time, some strange things happened.

I was resting at the swimming pool area and leaning against a small coconut tree with my left hand in contact with the concrete floor, suddenly a lizard (3” long) got into my left hand, as shown on the photo below.

0 2012 three lizard-incident_1.jpg

I was eating with the group of workers and Junior, a 6 year-old boy at that time so, I called their attention since of them witnessed some miracles involving nature. I started to tell them that another miraculous incident took place again. No one saw the lizard crawling and the most possibility was it fell from the coconut tree I was reclining and I presumed that it just got in my left hand upon dropping very close to my hand.


Second Lizard Episode, 2012.12.11:

On December 12, 2012, after the mystical appearance of the first light brown lizard, another lizard did occur to me again, which is similar in appearance and size as the first one that appeared to me very recently. I was in the bedroom of our home, editing and making the website of Etma Heart, and this second lizard fell right on top of the laptop computer I was using.  This startled me because in our bedroom, I seldom see lizard and why it dropped in front of me plus of the first episode of lizard happened two days ago.


Third Lizard Incident, 2012.12.12:

     At mid-morning on December 12, 2012, I was having exercise at our bedroom walking back and forth from wall to wall while I was with my wife suffering from an asthma attack, who by that time was in the middle of her sleep. When I was about four feet from the south wall of our bedroom, a small lizard dropped one foot away in front of me (photo below), the following day after the computer lizard incident. It was about ten minutes while I was doing the walking exercise in the bedroom when it took place. This third lizard phenomenon (all of which are identical in color and size) made me more to believe of a divine revelation for the whole scenario which I did not have yet any idea of the divine message.


Photo above is the third lizard which remained motionless in few seconds after falling that I was able to take picture.


Etma's Analysis:

  1. Lizard is not common in our bedroom.
  2. The sequence was so close for the three episodes in just four-day period.
  3. In my whole life this is the only time that this episode occurred on me.
  4. The sizes and the color of the lizards are the same, light brown & about three inches long.
  5. Before this episode of incidents, my wife dreamed a week earlier in sequence, as described as follow;
  6. First: she dreamed that two of our grandchildren and her were on the open grave with tents and people surrounded them.
  7. Second: the following day, she dreamed that our sons and two of their cousins died in car accident.


Overall Revelatory Message:

The sign of three-lizard incidents is like a strong warning of something to happen similar to the sign given to me in the past when the Black Spider Incident occurred, as detailed in the following link;

For this Three-Lizard Incidents which occurred a week after the bad dreams of my wife, I felt uneasy for three reasons;

  1. In the history, some of my wife's dreams did really happen.
  2. My wife used to dream, almost once a week ever since, but only this time were very uncommon and worrisome, which most probably a divine warning.
  3. The sudden occurrence of the three lizards is giving me sign that I must do something at once.

Because of knowing the power of prayer as in James 5:16 and Matthew 6:5-7, as reveled in the miracle;,

I prayed without doing my old-style during my childhood and early adulthood; I did not go to man-made church (Acts 17:24), I did not use statues (Acts 17:29), I did not pray repetitiously(like reciting the rosary) but I simply prayed in secret (Mat. 6:5-6) briefly while achieving the divine mission under the 21st Century Divine Revelation.

My wife's dream about death did not happen, but a vehicular accident occurred with my two sons and their two cousins (who were part of those people died in my wife's dream) were involved but no one got hurt. And my nine-year old granddaughter who suffered twice of difficulty of breathing got healed. It could have been different if I was not alerted through dream of my wife, Anna, who was used as instrument as revealed in the Midnight Birds Incident:

As major revelatory message for this incident is reminder that an effective and powerful prayer is to observe the following biblical teachings:

  • The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. (James 5:16)
  • Pray in secret without any statues and briefly. (Mat. 6:5-7)
  • If we passed the criteria as Jesus’ disciples (Luke 14:26, 14:33, & 9:23) we can pray in the name of Jesus Christ. (John 14:14)

In brief, this incident is a wake-up call that the powerful and effective prayer is not just from those who call themselves as men of God, priests, churchmen, etc but as of the three passages written above.


Additional about Lizard:

Two Lizard-Incidents took place three months after this Three Lizard-IncidentsTwo Lizard-Incidents took place three months after this Three Lizard-Incidents

2013.02.01; Two Green Lizard Incidents


First Green Lizard Incident, 2013.03.01:


The above photo taken from internet was the type of lizard appeared in two episodes below. (I was not able to take picture because I did not have the camera)


2013.02.01: First Green Lizard Episode

On February 1, 2013, at about 2PM, while using the rest room in my office, I found a green lizard in the bathtub struggling to get out of the slippery tub. At first I stared and wondered on how such creature able to get in while gazing the screened window right on top. Upon seeing the torn screen which I thought that it was the reason, I caught it gently and released it in the wild.


2013.02.02: Second Green Lizard Episode

This time, I started to be amazed and thinking of possible divine message again when the second lizard of the same size and species appeared to me the second day after the first. On February 2, 2013, at about 9 AM, while in the middle of my lecture with seventy employees of Tunnuk Resort Project, a green lizard just suddenly dropped in front of me, approximately 3 feet away. I was moving towards to the middle portion of the hall, being closer to employees while lecturing and preaching when the second green lizard just suddenly dropped. I immediately called the attention of the class pointing the green lizard which remained motionless for about three seconds and run. I explained to them that this is very strange because of the appearance of the first lizard yesterday and of the same type. There could another divine message or warning which I could not able to tell yet at that moment.


Analysis and Revelatory Message:

Today, August 10, 2013, while in the second hotel room at Tunnuk Beach Resort, I realized of something: This could mean sign of approval in the following grounds;

     Why green, because it is a go.

     Why two, this means “Oo”, two-letter Filipino word means “yes”.


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