2010.05.02; Crucifixion Kitten Incident (Affirming Jesus' Crucifixion; Matthew 27:32-56)

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God used kittens to affirms the truth about Jesus: his birth, crucifixion, and resurrection.

2010.05.02: Crucifixion Kitten Incident (Affirming Jesus' Crucifixion; Matthew 27:32-56)

Date Appeared      :     May 2, 2010 (after about three months from birth)

Date Died               :     July 11, 2010

Location                :      Etma’s office, Chuuk, FSM

Narrator                 :      Etma

     Hereunder are the three miracles involving kittens affirming Jesus' birth, crucifixion, and resurrection;
  1. 2009.01.12;  Mary Kitten Incident -
  2. 2010.05.02;  Crucifixion Kitten -
  3. 2011.05.05;  Resurrection Kitten -

The above are inter-connected which will give the readers a better understanding upon knowing the whole story of these kitten episode of three miraculous incidents.  In fact, I was able to name all the kittens Mary, Crucifixion, and Resurrection after analyzing all the miraculous signs using kttens.


Narration (Crucifixion Kitten):

This is the continuation of the Mary Kitten Incident and when it grew I called Mary Cat because it delivered the Crucifixion Kitten, which I named as Jay because of its tail appeared letter “J”.

I took care of Mary Cat including its two kittens (one was Jay) by the side of my office. Many times, I let them to stay inside my office to hang around and play that I was able to observe them closely. I noticed that Jay was more loving than the other that Mary Cat and Jay were closer to each other. I played with them by stroking their body especially the belly.  Since love is the essence of Etman Heart (the ministry I founded), I also observed how love is being practiced by these little creatures.  And what I discovered is simple rule of love; Love engenders love even to animals.  I gave love by giving food and by touch, then the cat and the kittens responded to me by their caressing tongue and by encircling my legs.  This made me rule out that love can prevail even from different type of species, practically saying that if you love nature, nature can love you back.

Unfortunately, the young Jay (Crucifixion Kitten) got sick on July 2, 2010 of unknown illness making huge loss of weight in a week. I tried to save by looking for medicine and asking a veterinarian from the internet but failed to cure Jay. Two hours before its death on July 11, 2010, while I was feeding, I was surprised Jay positioned itself like the cross spreading her forelegs flat to the floor while crying at random.  I immediately took a video (as shown above) of this very rare pose of a dying animal, What was notable was when it cried seven times in that position. Then I picked up Jay from the floor and brought with me to the chair; and put on my lap while it was hardly breathing, as shown in the photos below.

Jay was still able to lift its head and gave me its last stroke with its tongue to my belly when I lightly fondled her stomach.  Jay passed away quietly at about three in the afternoon (same time Jesus died).  I was touched of her reaction to me at her dying condition; I felt sad.  I, together with a Chuukese helper Robert, buried the Crucifixion kitten in the westside of the company's basketball court which was also the burial site of the dead bird, detailed in the following webpage;

2010.02.27; Dead Bird from the sky";


Photos of Crucifixion Kitten at Different Stages:


Etma's Analysis as in 2016:

Note: Visit this webpage for better understanding, the Mary Kitten Incident;

2009.01.12; Mary Kitten Incident (Confirmation of Jesus' Birth; Luke 2:1-20) 

·         In analysis of the three-kitten incidents together makes it miraculous.

·         I did not see any animal to die flat on the floor with forelegs spread like a cross, as shown in the picture above.

·         During suffering from pain of its illness while in its cross position of the floor the kitten cried at random seven times.

·         The kitten died at about 3:00 in the afternoon.

·         The kitten was hardly breathing but upon caressing its stomach, it was still able to lift its head to give me the stroke by its tongue to my belly.

Revelatory Message:

To reaffirm the truth about Jesus: his birth, crucifixion, and resurrection.

To reaffirm of the seven words of Jesus before he died on the cross.

One major wake-up call is not for us to spend energy, time, and money in observance of Lent; Holy Thursday & Holy Friday, and Easter, but to observe or put into action the reason of Jesus' crucifixion;

·         "This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters." (1 John 3:16)

  • So instead of using energy, time, and money for the observance of Lent, obey Jesus' commands as expressed in Matthew 25:35-36, which is also how to intherit eternal life.


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