2010.10.10; Shopping Butterfly Incident (Not the Righteous But the Sinners; Mark 2:17)

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"For I have not come for the righteous, but for the sinners." (Matthew 9:13)

The above photo shows the mysterious white butterfly in window sill in front of us while Ronie and I having snack inside a convenience store.

2010.10.10; Shopping Butterfly Incident (Not the Righteous but the Sinners; Mark 2:17)


Date                      :    October 10, 2010

Location               :    Mini Stop Convenience Store, Coastal Road, Pasay City, Philippines

Witnesses            :    Ronie Reyes, Etma

Witness/Narrator :   Etma



On October 10, 2010, I met Ronnie Reyes, the taxi driver I rode going to airport for Cebu City. Since I just decided to fly without advanced booking, I asked Ronnie to accompany me to buy air ticket and since I find him a kind person, I invited him for a snack and he suggested Mini-Stop Convenience Store, the place he used to standby at the Coastal Road, Pasay City, waiting for passengers. In an instant we became friends. While just about two minutes sitting and eating in one corner of the store, a white butterfly flew and landed on the sill of the glass window where we sit and eat. I observed at first, but when the butterfly did not fly away and stayed directly in front of us, I took picture at once putting first slowly the colored pencil as additional information for the mysterious butterfly. (photo right side above).

After taking picture, I slowly and carefully caught the butterfly with my two hands and afterwards I proceeded immediately the door and released her on the atmosphere, worried that she may get hungry and die inside the store. She flew upward and turned left toward south and disappeared in my view As Ronnie somewhat wondering of my action, I explained to him that insects and small animals, especially moth, made a number of miraculous incidents occurred to me for divine messages. After this mystical butterfly incident, I asked his taxi service. I rented the taxi and paid by the hours and not by the meter to apply 1 Peter 4:10, that I can able to share some blessings to him.

One day, after three acquaintances, I asked Ronie to drive me to Baseco, Manila. Baseco is the huge urban slums in the Philippines but Ronie did not know where. So, I just gave him direction to arrive at the place. But to my surprise when we reach the place and near the Corazon Aquino School, that he said, “Ang dudusing ng mga bata”, which means, "The children are very dirty". I felt uneasy seeing his unconcerned reaction towards the children. I know Ronie is a good husband, father, and grandfather and a sociable person. Somehow, from the short period of friendship, I did not expect him to react to the poor children that way. And that time, I did not yet learn biblical teachings related to this issue, so, I kept quiet without any remarks.


Etma's Analysis as 2016;

Today, May 9, 2016, while reviewing and editing the webpages I published in 2014, I am now more firmed of the revelatory message of this incident. In fact, I do not blame Ronie for his reaction to the poor children at Baseco, Manila;

  1. It is the system that misled the people by the man-made rules beneficial not for the children of God who live in poverty but for the alleged men of God who live in luxury.
  2. The modern teachers of the Law are cherry pickers of the Bible; they select some verses and twist them to favor them instead of the Lord's people.
  3. Like most of us, we were not told of good teachings and commands in the Bible, such as Matthew 10:37, that not only we love our children but other children.
  4. I called the butterfly, “Shopping Butterfly”, because she showed herself inside the convenience store where I was sitting.
  5. The butterfly able to enter inside the closed air-con store.
  6. The butterfly flew and perched on a particular location, exactly in front of Ronnie and me.
  7. The butterfly landed and stayed longer in front of us and its color is white which may mean something about children (from internet meaning).
  8. When I released the butterfly into the air, she flew upward and southward in the direction of the residence of Ronie Reyes, Laguna.


Revelatory Message:

For religious and spiritual leaders to give attention not only to the righteous but more importantly to sinners or lost ones.

"It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” (Mark 2;17)

For parents to love and care not  just their own children but also other children;

            "Anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me." (Matthew 10:37)

This incident is interconnected to the other episode, as shown below;


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