Serendipitous and Synchronous Incidents

(2004 to 2022)


The series of events which I named as Serendipitous and Synchronous Incidents (SSI) are enumerated below the link indicated and with corresponding brief explanation of how they have significant effects on the mission or meaning of the 21st Century Divine Revelation (21CDR);


1) Fifteen Filipino fishermen lost in the sea for three months and drifted to Chuuk commemorating that the first disciples of Jesus were fishermen

.2004.08.10 - Adrift Fishermen

2) Somewhat I believe that I was under divine guidance in preparation for the divine mandate, observing the Gospel; Luke 16:13, 2 Cor. 4:18, Luke 12:15, Luke 14:33.

2004.09.04 - Huge Financial Loss

3) I got goose bumps upon hearing this song and the lyrics which touched me is: “Born free to follow your heart”.

2004.11.02 - Born Free Song Incident

4) I used to hear this song, "You've Got a Friend" before but I was surprised that I got goose bumps at that particular time hearing it that I believe another miraculous sign for a divine message.

2005.04.05 - You've Got a Friend Song Incident

5) I do not really dream frequently; perhaps once every 2 years and nothing notable but this dream of an earthquake was so different; I felt my bed was shaking so vigorously that I woke up and almost run away, just to know that there was no earthquake. But after one hour, a strong earthquake occurred in Pakistan.

2005.10.08 - Earthquake Dream Incident

6) Same as the first two songs, I got goose bumps. As for this song, it is self-explanatory that I got touched since the essence of the 21st Century Divine Revelation (21CDR) is about love, that God is love.

2006.02.09 - Love-Splendor Song Incident

7) I was not really putting an emphasis of this healing incident; in fact I was reluctant to include this incident in the series of miracles, 21CDR, because the one involved is my wife. She also believe on herbal that she declared that she was cured by the traditional herbal medicine in Chuuk.

2007.01.07 - Etma Healing the Sick Incidents

8) It is not that easy to understand of this 21CDR but as more miracles to happen, I did understand and it is in connection to these verses: Luke 16:13, Mat. 6:33, Luke 14:33.

2008.03.29 - Removed From Business Incident

9) Because of one of the disputes between my wife and me, I happened to run away and lived in a house which is half-dilapidated in Guam. One good thing, it is surrounded by nature that I meditated many times and able to keenly observe that nature has spoken, Romans 1:19-20.

2008.05.24; Nature speaks of the will of God as supported by the Scripture and the 21st Century Divine Revelation

10) On this date, I already knew many biblical teaching and commands that I was able to apply; instead of escalating the issue, I applied the teaching and it was just really magic; the problem just disappeared using love and understanding.

2009.09.19 - Son Fighting Back Incident

11) In 2009, it came to my mind to bring the mission or the 21CDR to the priests especially to Catholic Church because I know that 21CDR is a revelation from God and if the Catholic Church is the one to take over, the mission will be much faster to be fulfilled. I felt sorry because no priests faced to me but only the sectaries from three different locations.

2009.10.26; Churchmen Indifference Incidents

12) This is another dream, this type of which has never occurred to me. I guess I was reading some books from Micronesian history that most tribe or village chiefs before were with beard. So, one day I dreamed a bearded man very similar to the images or paintings of Jesus.

2009.12.20 - Dream of Bearded Man Incident

13) Since my wife, as observed is being used by divine being to guide me for the mission, I started to dislike Christmas; it is no longer of spiritual but material meaning. This was followed by same feeling on Christmas of 2010 when I was away from home.

2009.12.25 - Christmas Meaning Incident

14) This is unexpected day when my wife while in the group of her cousins and niece, she declared me as “servant”, especially in the same year of April 22, (included in 21CDR) a miracle occurred. I was convinced that God used her to guide me for the achievement of the mission when I read Mark 10:43-45, that Jesus came not to be served but to serve

2010.05.01 - Servant Proclamation Incident

15) Another unexpected event which would be very bad for an ordinary husband or father; I just came back from Philippines to Chuuk, and was suddenly driven out of Chuuk back to Philippines. One thing, I was driven out to seek first the kingdom of God; Matthew 6:33.

2010.10.06 - Driven Away From Home Incident

16) This one is serendipitous because this made me strong on my belief that schoolchildren first to learn and apply Good Manners & Right Conduct (GMRC) and not religion.

2010.12.21 - Bad Manner in the Bus Incident (For Children, Not Religion but Compassion)

17) Since I was away from home, I was given many opportunities to meditate and one is about this national hero of the Philippines, Jose Rizal. I observed and realized that the political leaders are more on the symbols. They used Jose Rizal’s Day to show patriotism, saluting the flag and the Rizal’s statue, but not to follow the mindset of the hero.

2010.12.30 - Rizal Day Meaning Incident

18) This is the most celebrated holiday and yet the same thing; that love for each other was not observed. It was luxurious spending huge amount of money but most members of the flock of God or church of God (Acts 20:28), suffer of extreme poverty.

2010.12.31 - New Year Holiday Meaning Incident

19) The first New Year’s Eve not just away from home but just being alone, away from friends, relatives, and my immediate family in obedience to Luke 14:26 & Mark 8:34.

2011.01.01 - Alone in New Year's Eve Incident

20) One popular festival of Roman Catholic is Lent focusing on how Jesus died but not how Jesus lived, in connection with 1 John 2:3-4. People are more on symbols, holidays, rituals, etc. but following Jesus’ commands they failed to obey.

2011.04.19 - Lent Meaning Incident

22) In 2011, there were many natural disasters took place in an alarming rate and one major man-made disaster, the 911 bombing.

2011.06.05 - Disasters in the World Appear "C" & "T"

23) The statue was named “Touchdown Jesus” and was struck by lightning June 15, 2010 in Ohio, U.S.. The incident happened in the same period of 21CDR, making me to think that it is part of the divine message to stop idolatry, as in 1 Cor. 10:14, 1 John 5:21, and Exodus 20:4-5.

2013.07.14 - Touchdown Jesus Incident

24) The two of Pope Francis’ accidents are acts of God for important wake-up call, as follow;

The all-power God does not want to be worshipped with various rituals but for humans to love one another (1 John 3:11) and not just to multiply but to subdue the earth and plant for food supply (1 Genesis 1:28-29). To serve Jesus is not having too many crosses but to help the poor (Mat. 25:31-46) which is the basic in attaining eternal life.

2018.07.07 - Realization Incident for Pope Francis' Two Accidents, In Poland & Columbia.

25) While in Guam away from home and staying more in the hotel room, I was subjected to spiritual awakening also from other spiritual and scientific views of theologian, philosphers, and scientists;

2018.09.06 – Spiritual Awakening Incident (Two Months in Guam)

26) In this chaotic world where greed prevails over love while there are a lot of religions worldwide, I was able to see in the Internet some articles titled, Jesus, Hoax or a Reality. I cannot blamed the writers since what they observed are “Bad Fruits” caused by false teachers in sheep’s clothing; Matthew 7:15-16.

2018.11.27 - Jesus: Hoax or a Reality

27) Walking is good for the heart, not just for health but spiritual; having a chance to meet people giving a chance to interact with fellow spiritual beings and to put into practice love especially for the poor. (Luke 5:10, Rom. 12:16)

2019.01.15 - Realization Incident About Walking (Luke 5;10)

28) Spiritual Awakening about God's & Jesus' command to Honor Mother & Father.

2019.02.19 - Spiritual Awakening Incident (Honor Your Parents, Mat. 19:19)

29) Realization Incident About Spiritual Abuse

2019.07.20 – Realization Incident about Spiritual Abuse (1 Thess. 4:7-8)

30) Spiritual Awakening about "BLESS"

2020.02.02 - Spiritual Awakening Incident About the term BLESS


Miraculous Synchronicity (2004 to 2020) of events of some people whose works have a significant effect on the divine mission under the 21st Century Divine Revelation (21CDR) are briefly described on this link.

Miraculous Synchronicity


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