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"To serve Jesus is to help the poor." 

Matthew 25:35-40:

Some Activities of Etma and his Spiritual Assistants (ESA) in the Philippines in line with the Scripture and affirmed by the 21st Century Divine Revelation


From 1017 to 2021 (Under Construction)




From 2010 to 2016

PH pasay complex 2016.08.03_1.jpgPH_Ermita_Mla_SE_with_sidewalk_vendor_Dan.jpg


Etma with street tenants, Ermita, Manila.


In 2010, Etma visited Carlito Sinday and his group, head of the group of fishermen, who drifted to Chuuk from General Santos City, Malapatan, Sarangani Province, Philippines. They were drifting for three months and miraculously reached Chuuk, the story of which is this link:



Etma with Sonny Domico, owner of the piggery. (Malapatan, Sarangani- Sept 2010)


Etma with Pagunsan family, Violeta planted and harvested corn at Lagaylay, Sta Maria, Davao- Sept 2010.



Etma visited Berting at the PGH- Sept 2010 (Mat 25:35-36)


Etam talking to a child and the sidewalk vendor at Dakota, Manila- Sept 2010 (Luke 9:48)


Etma in fellowship with Aling betty, Alberta, John michael and the group at Kaputhaw, Escarious, Cebu City (Romans 12:16)




Activities 2011 to 2013

EHM feeding and preaching at Lawton, Manila as in Mark 13:10 and 1 Peter 5:2-3. (2013.03.08)


The poor scavenge for survival. The rich can be able to follow Jesus feeding the hungry without the need of magic making bread and
fish by just obeying the manual of life, the Bible. (Baseco dumping site-2013.03)



Above photo: Etma sharing time teachinng the kids of the neighborhood. (Mat. 18:6)

Etma with Elena feeding the street children at Malate, Manila. (2011)



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